Figuring It Out

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Challenging transeasonal dressing and questioning the complexities of social media all in one blog post...

I'm wearing: Zara knit crop top, American Apparel high waisted denim skirt, Girl Express boots and a vintage shearling jacket. 

I've been in a bit of strife trying to figure out social media/blogging and it's complexities. From an outsider's view (or so it seemed to little ol' me), it took a mixture of luck and a talent for creativity that alluded the recipe for "success". On the contrary, it is knitty gritty work. Anyone who is at the top of their game, has to continually strive to be innovative and constantly challenge their own design abilities - an aspect that has only just clicked in my head recently.

Blogging for me is about channelling the right-brain weirdness that drives me nuts if I don't let it out. I feel like it has been a fantastic outlet to experiment with my personal style, delve a little deeper in Photoshop, learning a bunch during the process and figuring out how to string some words together for a post. It still is a touch and go journey at the moment, and with that being said I have been working arduously on many written plans and brainstorms for new content, and experimenting with videos for the coming weeks. I stick to the quality over quantity motto, so if I am a little delayed or AWOL in updating this little spot of mine on the Internet, you know that I am still trying to figure it all out. Big plans in the making, but a lot of work to go!


  1. Love your outfit! & I agree it's more about quality than quantity and I love how my blog became a place for me to grow more and experiment with my style. I can't wait to see what you come out with! I'm sure it'll be amazing :)

  2. love the coat!!! warm :-)

  3. That coat looks so cozy! Having started my blog yesterday, the blogosphere does seem a little daunting, but like you, I am relishing the idea of a challenge and an opportunity to be able to express myself. :)

  4. Great outfit! I completely agree with you about blogging, it really opens up so many doors you didn't have the key for. Lovely blog. ---Stephanie.


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