Warm Water

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm wearing: Topshop bowler hat, H&M floral longsleeve playsuit, Lovisa silver bead necklace, Topshop denim shirt, Sportsgirl bucket bag, Dotti knee high socks, Urban Soul leather tall boots. 

I've been dreamin' - Coachella dreaming! That event is one engraved on my bucket list to do before I die for absolute certainty. I love seeing how festival looks can be challenged again and again each year with its high rotation of crochet, florals, denim cut-offs and wide brim hats. Not to mention a great time to see top tier style stars give a great burst of inspiration for Coachella dressing  - i.e. Harley Viera Newton in floral Topshop glory, Selena Gomez in that Free People dress and of course Vanessa Hudgens, Bohemian Queen. Music-wise, the line-up isn't too bad…What I would have done to be in the crowd for Banks, Disclosure, Haim, Kid Cudi, Lorde and more….I don't even know. 

Back to base in Sydney, I've been moping in the cold weather that has marked the beginning of Autumn and have been wearing my new knee high boots everywhere. Although my love for collecting black ankle boots comes in all variations, a tall boot is just a classic must-have to jazz up any outfit. Whether it's to utilise a pair of knee high socks or to just pull over a pair of black skinny jeans - they definitely add an extra dimension to your look. At least that's the line of thought running through my head. Personally, I love playing with the proportions when wearing knee-high boots, where pairing the short length of the playsuit on top and adding a layer of grey socks underneath equates to ultimate transition dressing. Coachella 2015, I've got my eyes on you.

Bag Essentials

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cornered from all four sides and above from the torrential rain is basically how you could explain my weekend. But that didn't stop me from marathoning Orange Is The New Black, ordering take out and just chilling at home. An outfit post wouldn't have been useful since I've been a happy hermit crab at home lately, so I decided to have a go at stop motion on my camera. The whole behind the scenes set up for this was pretty painful (Exhibit A), but I'm glad that I finally know how to make GIFS properly and am able to make inanimate objects animate! Google taught me alllllll this.

These are the everyday items I carry in my bag - with variations on show. It's normally just one pair of sunglasses, and one lip balm/lip stick out of the bunch above. Phone, keys and the everyday wallet is a checklist mantra spoken to myself daily - but I didn't realise all the other sneaky essentials until it was laid out all to see. I found out that I always have a pair of eye drops to combat my contacts going awry, have the need to always carry a water bottle with me even if I keep losing every bottle purchased and have become inseparable from my Kindle that it needs to be carried even in the smallest bag I own. Little things such as having a cluster of silver rings just in case I feel the need to decorate myself are subliminal addition, as well as the Redken 03 Powder Grip - my first carry around hair product - which has been a lifesaver in combatting flat hair. I normally throw in a piece of outerwear or a binder + laptop combination if I'm heading out to uni, but this is basically the gist of it!

What are some of your bag essentials?


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