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Thursday, January 23, 2014

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I'm wearing: Wildfox Cherie Skull Tank / Saints + Secrets Reptile Skirt / Windsor Smith 'Gillie' Heels / Sportsgirl Fedora 

After lusting over one of those Lack of Color hats that everyone's been sporting lately, I looked back at this old Sportsgirl purchase a few years back and thought that it might work (?!) On this particular day, I felt like a mix of casual vs. dressy - trying to make a drop-waist shape out this top and skirt pairing. Speaking of this top, I'm finding pieces that I wear frequently are more or less the ones that carry a story behind it. Like how I found this Wildfox top in a boutique underneath our hotel during a time at the Gold Coast hours before we had to catch a flight back to Sydney. I totally had a 'gem in the minefields' moment, (as I was/am obsessed with Kimberley Gordon's blog) and constantly wear this in heatwave conditions.

In other news, I'm prepping for a trip to Thailand next Thursday! So excited to be travelling with my friends and exploring the rest of the world. If anyone has recommendations of where to eat/shop/be a tourist around Bangkok and Phuket that would be amazing. I'm so excited!

Pink Lemonade

Saturday, January 18, 2014

 photo IMG_1512copy_zpse52d1cd4.jpg

T-B, L-R: Sally Hansen Top Coat / Sportsgirl Necklace / Colette Earrings / Rimmel by Kate Moss Lipstick in 14 / Covergirl Lip Stain in Flirty Nude / Grown Alchemist Camellia & Geranium Blossom Facial Moisturiser / Le Specs Half Moon Magic Sunglasses / Benefit Sugarbomb Face Powder / Jurlique Rose Love Balm / Miss Shop 'Marry Me Harry' Nail Polish / Cotton On Pineapple Bandeau Bikini / Tree Of Life Painted Box / Stila Kitten Lip Glaze / Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium 03 / Louise Gray for Topshop Compact Mirror / Dusk Meditation Container Candle 

I received that beautiful painted box above last week for my birthday - thank you Kelly! - and the colours just seem to come together so easily for this flat lay. This Summer I've been obsessed with images and prints of pineapples - not that I love to eat them per se (with the exception of in a burger), but rather the tropical, tutti-fruity bubblegum, Bahamas-esque vibe of what a simple fruit design can bring across. Coincidentally, coral pink hues in the form of easy, breezy lip stains/balms, unfussy foundation and a handy compact mirror seemed to capture the laziness most, if not all of us seem to take up on a hot Summer's day. I have my fingers and toes crossed selfishly for the heatwave to stretch one more day so I can have my fair share of sun and sand tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Flux Issue #1 by Amanda Chan

Back in Semester Two of 2013, I was given a computer task of creating a Zine from scratch in order to learn some skills on Adobe Indesign. This is what I created, a compilation of upcoming Australian talents within the creative industry, some of my styling works and a bit of personal content thrown in the mix. Pulled from the archives of my hard drive, this is Flux.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

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I'm wearing: Don't Ask Amanda Cut Out Dress / Girl Express Chunky Boot / Lovisa Tribal Necklace / Vintage Bracelet / 

I've been playing it by instinct lately and so far its been serving me well. This dress was a last minute birthday purchase just idly hanging on the walls at General Pants, waiting to be picked up. Needless to say - I saw this outfit in my head the moment I laid eyes on it, tried it on, and snapped it up eagerly in less than 10 minutes. Floral dresses have a soft spot in me, and will always be forever perfect paired up with a nice chunky, worn-in pair of (black) ankle boots. It's always the best back-up ensemble.

Also enjoy my bare face in it's make up free bliss. It's nice to just wake up some days and not have to worry about a make up routine. In saying that, I would love to know if anyone has any make up favourites for the Summer? The furthest I could venture out into products was switching my foundation routine to BB cream and a bit of concealer instead of Studio Fix. I'm contemplating on tackling illuminators next...


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

 photo IMG_1379_zps1bb4ed62.jpg  photo IMG_1361_zps9d195cd6.jpg  photo IMG_1401_zps5e98739c.jpg  photo IMG_1363_zpse98ceb28.jpg  photo IMG_1368_zpsea7df409.jpg  photo IMG_1389_zpsed79ab3d.jpg  photo IMG_1362_zpsb132a531.jpg  photo IMG_1355_zpsa9e791b7.jpg
PHOTO DIARY / 1. The driveway and entrance gate to the house / 2. The rustic kitchen and gorgeous tree that stretched out behind the windows / 3. Little Nero after a swim and a play in the backyard / 4. Thursday morning paper out near the porch / 5. The lake and the towels from the swim / 6. Taking a breather on the couch / 7. The second porch and the BBQ that we never used / 8. The fire at night  

As far as growing up in Australia for the entirety of my life so far, 4 hours of driving to Edith was the first time I've ever set foot in the 'country' part of it. Consequentially, I sure did have my CGM moments (a.k.a 'City Girl Moments' - an acronym lovingly dubbed by Nic), which varied from the likes of seeing a flannel-clad farmer driving a tractor on the other side of the road and squealing with the delight of the accuracy of a stereotype, accidentally drifting on the dirt track to avoid some excited rabbits crossing a dirt road, seeing cows and sheep a close radius of the driveway for the first time outside of a zoo enclosure and finally, seeing the pitch black night sky be filled with what would seem like a bajillion stars.

We stayed in a beautiful little cottage in Edith that faced a lake at the front, and cows at the back. No phone reception, Instagram - nothing. We only got phone service when we drove 15 minutes to the nearby town of Oberon - which homed one of the best Chicken Caesar Wraps of all time (Monkey Bean Cafe, I'm looking at you), the cutest cattle dogs tied to the back of the ute waiting for their owners to finish shopping at the local IGA and major Gilmore Girls vibes from visiting a town where the locals knew each other and the outsiders stick out like a pin.

I once understood the hype of the holidays and visiting resorts/theme parks and what not, but it's a whole 'nother thing to take the opposite route and end up in the enjoying the comfort of friends and family, and to spend cheesy quality time with them. We watched the boys take an afternoon swim in the freezing, muddy lake with Nero the Golden Retriever, battled it out at Trivial Pursuit whist drinking a cold glass of Moscato and bantered around a fire underneath the blanket of stars and constellations. I would definitely recommend the city folks a chance to take themselves out of the drama of the city and into the peace and quiet of the country. Tranquil doesn't even begin to cover it.

Forward Fourteen

Thursday, January 2, 2014

 photo fireworks_zpsd9db0ceb.gif  photo IMG_1443copy_zps45de0eae.jpg
Fireworks @ Coogee Beach / Instax of Nic & I and my scribbly New Year resolutions 

Happy Belated New Year! It's still in the early stages, so 2014 hasn't quite sunken in yet. I spent NYE watching the fireworks at the beach and then exhausted every sparkler and party popper at a midnight party alongside my great group of friends. I'm feeling very lucky and fortunate for everything in my life at the moment - and am holding on to that feeling as much as possible!

Above are my (sort-of) resolutions/guidelines for the new year. 2013 was a lot of growing up for me personally, and now that I've sort of found my feet - the only way is up, right?! I kept it simple with one word summaries, but had to add a few scribbles in it of course. I'm curious to hear everyones resolutions. What are/were yours?

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