Fashion Weekend Sydney

Friday, May 23, 2014

Give a girl a pass and throw her into a media pit - here's how I covered Fashion Weekend Sydney.

Images taken from the Fashion Weekend Sydney Fashion Show

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Fashion Weekend Sydney. Held at the Royal Hall of Industries at Fox Studios - it's the perfect destination to find that last season Shona Joy dress you kept one eye open for or the Bec & Bridge ensemble that you looked at but never touched in Instagram - 'cause chances are you'll find it there.

The last time I attended was way back in 2009 when I was a brace-faced teen who had just started to notice Fashion, and how crazy cool it all was. In comparison to my previous visit, Fashion Weekend grown exponentially in terms of featuring more renowned Australian designers to their list. Inside those hallowed halls, you'll find past collections from the likes of Kahlo, Maurie & Eve, Sol Sana, Winston Wolfe, Amber Sceats, Isla by Talulah, and too many more - for a fraction of the price. I personally ended up spotting a Christopher Esber top and caved within the hour. Definitely save up your pennies for the next Fashion Weekend, it's totally worth it.


  1. It really is an amazing experience though most of the time, I am pretty much spend all my time, backstage.
    It's still worth it.
    Lovely pictures.


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