Comfort Dressing

Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm wearing: Mink Pink White Tee, Elle MacPherson Intimates Bralette, Topshop Leigh Jeans, Sportsgirl Shawl, Windsor Smith Gillie Heels, Miu Miu Sunglasses and H&M Rings.

I used to have a penchant for dressing up back in the days of being a fresh-faced teen. (2009 Luella and Erin Fetherston collections may have contributed to this trail of thought, thanks to D&T lessons glued to Wide-eyed and newly eighteen, I would notice the girls who dressed up to the nines on a Friday night in all their high-heeled, dewy-faced beauty. Straight away, I dove into experimenting with the contents my own wardrobe, but realised that I have a hard time when it comes to dresses. And dressing up for that matter.

You see, I’ve come to the realisation that as a university student and a girl who has too many material, food and travelling lusts – my lack of funds require me to have pieces that are versatile as ever. Repeat outfits are frequent and necessary, but I feel like dresses restrict this tangent. Seperates are the way to go for me, at least for now, and layering is what I’m focused on finetuning with in regards to finding my own personal style. It’s a little bit exciting and a great way to see your clothes in a completely different perspective. Dresses, on the other hand are a little bit harder to style and change around, where my ideas fall to a halt at layering a collared shirt underneath, the possibility of wearing leather pants underneath (a la Margaret Zhang) or throwing on a jacket. I think I like and prefer the ability to alter my pieces – roll up my jeans, cuff my tees and hell, tie a shirt around my waist!

The result of this ramble is to basically show you how far I’ve come in terms of dress. That I prefer this – a jeans and a tee combination, where the comfort is off the charts – over a bodycon dress any night. Pair it with an exaggerated shawl and I’ve got an outfit for a casual night out. Minimal make up + a messy bun make some great accessories and don’t mind the Miu Mius, they’re my absolute favourites to top off any outfit right now.


  1. I know the financial woes of being a student all too well. Love the pictures though! I think I need that shawl.

  2. omg in love with those heels

  3. I love this look so much, I'm obsessed with your shoes! I'm the same way, dresses are too hard to change up but tops and pants you can pair with so many different things and wear so many different ways!!

  4. i love this look so much! the laid back vibe to it is awesome! and that shawl is perfect! :D i totally agree with you! i used to be a dress fanatic but since going to college I've realized as well that separates and versatile basics are the way to go!

  5. The cardigan is so pretty and bohemian like, love the whole outfit and it's so amazing! x

  6. love these shoes!

    so obsessed with this whole outfit as well.

    great post, keep up the amazing work


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