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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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I'm wearing: Cotton On Strawberry Waffles Jumper / Bardot La Mar Skirt / Wrangler Trucker Denim Jacket / ShopLoueyMarks Hat / Diva Cuffs / Michael Kors Parker Two Tone Watch / H&M Claw Ring / H&M Chunky Boots / 

Lately I've been a big fan of spontaneous change. Take the night before Valentine's Day, while trying to walk off a feast of ribs at Hurricane's Bondi - stopped by at Bondi Ink and decided to get my nose pierced. Not sure how long that's gonna last, but it's a bit of recklessness that I can add to the beginning of my twenties. Then take a few days later, where I had an overdue haircut at Oscar Oscar salons with an intention of just a trim, Courtney mentioned how a collarbone-grazing length could be a bit of a change to my bundle of hair. And to that I said 'Why not?' and cue jumping to the chance. Now with a few weeks of adjusting to a half-new 'me', I'm liking the weightlessness and loving the layers (...still getting used to the nose ring).

I brought all this change along with my first day at UTS. Transferring from a small college to an actual CAMPUS was a bit nerve-wracking but it included the necessity of walking around in circles and trying to understand the maps/room locations. I do quite like the larger scale of things - i.e, lectures with numbers in the 100s, so many different personalities in one room studying Design = so many different interpretations - but I'm (nerdily) excited about the tutorials and especially the library. Life is good, I have no qualms, and I'm in the mood to start Winter layering. Hope that's the same with everyone!


  1. Love love love the sweater and skirt, you look amazing!!

  2. love your blog!

    would love you to check out mine and give me some advice...trying to improve it!


  3. My eyes drew straight to that gorgeous watch of yours, what a beauty!! :)

    Your outfit is also gorgeous

    Much love,

  4. Love your style girl!

    Oh, Mr Bear


  5. just discover ur blog, all ur outfit are really cute, i think u can be the next, Song of Style.
    xoxo from Paris

  6. change can be good! love your waffle knit sweater :)

  7. Change is a good thing! I talked about that last year with my friend and now the two of us are doing our best to switch things up.

    Also, I like how you stacked on bracelets over the sweater's sleeves.

  8. Love your outfit you look so chic and the photos are lovely (: x

  9. Great look. So comfy and I love it.


  10. Clean, minimal and very chic. This is so great!

  11. I LOVE your blog so much! And your outfits. :)
    I would have loved to follow you via GFC because I am not much regular on Bloglovin'.
    But I don't think you are on GFC, too bad.
    Again, love your outfits. :)

    Glitter And Blush
    [There's a giveaway on my blog, if you would like to join?]

  12. Here's to big changes! I love your hair AND the sweater with the bracelets. So pretty and undone.

    xo Ashley

  13. Love your outfit, that jumper looks so


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